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The latest such proposals, worked out by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC), seek to eliminate the exemptions to the country’s discrimination laws which allow religious schools to expel students, fire teachers, and turn down applicants based on their sexuality, relationship status, and pregnancy.  By Augusto Zimmermann, Professor and Head of Law at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education in Australia.


The message came to me through a Hindu, who according to my knowledge is a medical expert.  The strongest belief based commonness between us is our belief in the same Spiritual guru. The RNA DNA message through the above diagram, was  written by me last year , in my own belief in karma, presented in lay language as follows:


The Corona Virus pandemic happened due to disrespect for the Silkroad global heritage. This heritage is a global elder. In the mind of that elder, in the new form of Belt & Road Initiative (BRI)……..

Like Chromosomes, karma comes in pairs. Like in reproductive cells with one Chromosome, they are effectively singles, separated vertically by depth until they find their matching other side.  When that happens, the latter person becomes the junior of the person with positive karma . There is no reproduction for those with Absolute value of positive karma who are in Nirvana state. The negative side of their karma attracts others who carry negative karma and the latter become natural juniors of the one with positive karma. This happens when the person is true to her/himself. Such a relationship is made in truth. Hence the saying that marriages are made in heaven. Any association of truth is made in heaven.



As per my understanding, the Medical expert used his scientific knowledge  to demonstrate his reasoning of the connection between religion and secular law.  I used my knowledge of karma to explain the same philosophy.


This confirms the importance of belief in common life, so we do not look for external reasoning.  Majority  Australian law makers are of Christian origin. To the extent we seek to be global, we need to be Democratic and therefore adopt Equal Opportunity laws, even though we may lack belief in them.


The ‘reasonable doubt test’ allows a margin due to such laws , lacking in belief, but confirm intellectual/scientific  balance. Most scientific theories are used on this basis. Most religious theories that stand the test of time and continue to be practised, are belief based and spread themselves exponentially.


Where they are opposed by the official system and are overtly practiced, the power of belief is confirmed. Below is an excerpt from my book Naan Australian confirming this power:


 Thinking of all this and planning to write a book on all this as I have been invited to time and time again - so that the Tamil Tigers would not feel that they are the only ones victimized by Western societies and their puppets, I dozed off. During the creative time of the morning Brammah Muhoorthum, I had a vision from Above - that I am to help Muslims and Tamils including those here in Australia. It came through Shridi Baba - the previous incarnation of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, my Spiritual Guru.. Sathya Sai Baba stopped me from going back to Sri Lanka, after I heard Ms Pauline Hanson on ABC’s Four Corners program. Red kungkumum powder - the symbol of Love, appeared on my picture of Him on 05 November 98 - the day the Auditor General’s report confirming my observations about the UNSW Administrative systems was published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Since then I have proven the Auditor General wrong, by using the open and public discussion on Performance Indicators - that they cannot be used in audits because they were management tools. In other words, I have proven that Sri Lankan Accounting fundamentals are far stronger than Australian Accounting fundamentals. They may both look the same. But the real test is through the actual values practiced.


When Pauline Hanson was critical of Indigenous Australians I opposed her and through her, Australian racism. I practised the fundamentals of Equal Opportunity principles in strongly adverse/hostile environment. But in the process, I realized that Academics were part of the problem because they lacked belief in their own Christian origin. This led to formation of Academic ghettos, where non-academics were ‘outsiders’.


By upholding Equal Opportunity principles , despite their opposition, I gained into the problem they were causing. They clung to their higher status and ‘told’ non academics ‘what to do’. This is a threat in any multicultural environment where traditional values are overridden by immediate benefits.  Belief roots such expectations in Truth.   

I lost most of my court cases for the same reason – that the judges lacked belief in the secular laws they were using and it is very difficult to prove racism in  a nation that is yet to annihilate its racial past that were considered ‘right’ at that time. All those who are driven by Australia’s visible wealth and its apparent status, without belief in those who founded those systems, contribute to ongoing racism.

Belief in our own cultures cures us of the problem of racism and empowers us to identify with multicultural opportunities. We meet then in the destination of One Truth with many names. In my above account, I have highlighted Performance Indicators. Those who believe, would not need proof, because they are natural owners who feel together. Hence Tat Tvam Asi /Thou Art That.

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