Saturday 12 August 2023

12 August 2023

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




I was thinking of Ravi who passed away peacefully on Wednesday after almost a decade of battle against cancer. Ravi in my heart is a hero. A caring son of my aunt Padma and uncle Sanmugarajah, Ravi turned 70 on 1st July. As usual, I sent my love as birthday wishes and Ravi also promptly responded to show his appreciation. Then on 17 July, Ravi’s elder sister Chitra who lives in Brisbane rang me, to inform me that she was at Ravi’s. This meant to me that Ravi’s body was in bad shape. My previous few visits to Ravi, his wife Jayanthi and son Amitab had been to share my positive Energy with Ravi as a caring husband and father.  On those visits, our son Pradeep also came with us to pay his respects to Ravi who was recovering from cancer after some terrible struggles when it returned.  On all those occasions Ravi never showed any weakness but as usual, made fresh juice for me, while as usual, Jayanthi brewed tea for the rest. Jayanthi’s tea is very tasty, but I have given up tea.  Ravi demonstrated deep appreciation for my sharing of the cover-page of my latest book ‘ Different Logics’. I was pleasantly surprised when Ravi messaged me that for some reason,  Yin-Yang philosophy kept surfacing in his mind.  Ravi was yet to read my book at that time and hence I concluded that he was connecting to my intuitive intelligence through his own investment in his soul-power.


On 19 July the same intuition brought his eldest sister Priya all the way from Canada. I was deeply moved by the intuitive Energy of Priya’s love for her brother.


On 09 August, Ravi’s soul left his body.


I was thinking of this deeply last evening, when my email beckoned me.  I felt that Ravi was signalling me to read my emails. There was one from Mr MCM Iqbal who responded to my sharing through  the article headed ‘13th AMENDMENT IS DEAD’ as follows:


I am glad Madam Gajalakshimi has found the time to read my article on 'Devolution of Powers' and am sure she  would agree that  Devolution of Power under the 13th Amendment is  nothing but fiction.


The above message, to me is confirmation of the power of Hindu -Muslim unity. Mr Iqbal, whose name indicates that he is Muslim, is part of Jaffna Hindu College Alumni that I regularly interact with.  As per published information,  Mr Iqbal is:

A human rights defender and a writer on issues concerned with human rights violations.  Have had a long experience as an officer of the Administrative Service in Sri Lanka and for some time as a Consultant at the Asia Pacific Division of the UNHRC in Geneva…………..

‘Mr. Iqbal was born in Jaffna in 1937 , and has had his education at the Jaffna HinduCollege and the and has had his education at the Jaffna HinduCollege and the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya….’


I was referred to Mr Iqbal’s article by Mr Nadarajah Thirugnanasothy whose name suggests that he is a Hindu. Hence the confirmation of Common Energy, made me happy. The timing  was significant to me due to Ravi being Common to all cultures. This means that Ravi’s contribution in this form, has enriched Sri Lanka’s investment in Ethnic Commonness and that Ravi’s soul-power would continue to support all such Common souls.

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