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22 June 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


Gotabaya is not a source of political stability, but rather the stark opposite.”  concludes  Ranga Jayasuriya at

If the above is a governing conclusion, and it is given effect immediately, the Democratic structure of Sri Lanka collapses. One needs to identify with the truth in a manifestation, to be supported by that truth. Truth being a universal power does the rest. This is my understanding of the State of Nirvana that we believe Lord Buddha attained. In this state, there are no rights or wrongs but just virtues and sins / positive Polar and Negative Polar Energies .

As per Ranga Jayasuriya’s theory:

[First, for Sri Lanka to come out of the current economic misery, a trilogy of factors should converge: the Sri Lankan public, the political parties that would form the alternative government and the international community.  None of them wants to deal with the incumbent president. ]


The  international community is NOT a component making up the  Sovereignty of  Sri Lanka. This was presented as follows to a member of Professional group of Sri Lankans including those living outside Sri Lanka, in the issue of Boat Refugees to Australia:

[Until we exchanged thoughts and feelings within a community group – where one trusted another, that empowered and united us.  But by repeatedly ridiculing me – which has the effect of elevating your own status within the group – you have weakened the sovereignty of this group – to the extent you have become dependent on your seniority to survive. As a result this has come to the public forum through media power.

Since we are both taken as being of the same community by wider world, if I am marked wrong by wider world, you would be marked right. Therefore Nadesalingams. If I am marked right – those who practice the policy of  turning  the boats away would be marked right. We both leave our respective heritages for our heirs in the community. Your heirs will be boat people who breach the law and mine would be those who practice the law. ]


Once the matter comes outside the local sovereign borders – anyone in wider world is entitled to use the ‘outcome’ for their own purposes. Their outcomes would be available for local groups to be used in their own circle. But if the outside world is allowed inside – it means – we have no confidence in our sovereignty. Once we lose confidence – we declare that we are no longer a sovereign group.

In the case of Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa, if the People feel that he did not deliver – they need to ‘wait’ until the next election to confirm their lack of confidence in him. By declaring the ‘dismissal’ prematurely,  Ranga Jayasuriya has confirmed that he has mentally taken over the position of  President. This in turn confirms breaches of  media ethics.


When the position of President is damaged – the system collapse. Those of us who are self-governing maintain that position and the Parliamentary system through our belief in the system. The current incumbent may not fit that position – but we, through our belief – fill that gap. That is true People’s power.

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