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30May 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



The Sri Lankan protestors seemed ‘free’ to express themselves. It was like a natural Political Drama – showing the Government what it looks like. This kind of protesting is not limited to government. It happens at all levels of Sri Lankan society due to conflict between autocracy and democracy within the same mind.

The Canberra Times report headed ‘Sri Lanka PM urges protesters to join govt’ informs as follows:

[Sri Lanka's prime minister says protesting youth groups will be invited to be part of governance under political reforms he is proposing to solve the country's political crisis triggered by an economic collapse.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that under proposed constitutional reforms, powers of the president will be clipped and those of parliament strengthened.]

This brings to mind a sharing by an academic about his discovery based on the Australian University system. He stated that the Union leader who ‘opposed’ the Administration, became like the Administration, once he became one part of the Management.

As per the report :

[The youth are calling for a change in the existing system. They also want to know the current issues. Therefore, I propose to appoint four youth representatives to each of these 15 committees," Wickremesinghe said.

Protesters consisting of mainly young people have camped out outside the president's office for more than 50 days.

They're demanding the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, holding him and his family responsible for the country's worst economic crisis.]


The Parliament represents the highest level of institutional structure of a Nation. In Sri Lanka, election is largely through a democratic process. But the way the Parliament operated was through autocracy. Transparency of outcomes is a key feature of Democracy. This is the Opposite of Confidential voting. In reliable Autocracy  the outcomes produced by juniors are kept ‘Confidential’ but the process is made transparent – for example -  only the Parliament showing the  nation  to the Public taken as a whole and also to outsiders. In the case of the Rajapaksas ‘Confidentiality’ became Secrecy when it was not shared with the  Parliament – but only with family members. True Sri Lankans had knowledge of bribes and commissions ‘taken’ by those in governments. But so long as they had a share of economic wealth they did not ‘Oppose’ the respective governments. The Pandora Papers revealed  many ‘secret’ wealth by Political leaders. But there was no outcome produced within Sri Lanka, of a local process. Those who believe in Accountability of global standards would have found it to be of value but not so those who believe in ‘local’ measures.

Sri Lanka’s permanent political Opposition is the Tamil Community to whom Sri Lanka (not Eelam Tamil) is ‘home’. The protestors have not recognised this for the same reason they did not demonstrate when the Pandora Papers were made public. Their experience based measure was their own People’s pain.

The ‘freedom’ from fear of  military action was needed by the protestors. Without that the only way they would know to protest has been proven to be armed rebellion. The Tamil civilians killed in the war do not have a direct civilian representation. Those who seek to highlight their suffering seem to need the LTTE name to render them courage.  It makes them ‘juniors’ in civil administration – to those who oppose knowing they are not likely to ‘win’. It is that courage that brings the support of wider world and/or ancestral blessings.

The protestors are taken as De facto Opposition of the government.  The conversation below within the Tamil community confirms the challenges  faced by unarmed Tamils:


Gaja   in article headed LABOR SAYS ‘COME BY BOATS’:

To the extent the Sri Lankan Tamil community ‘takes’ compensation for their pain – they weaken their ‘intuitive intelligence’ about Sri Lanka as a whole. Some of the Tamil students I teach demonstrate much higher level of intelligence and keenness than I had at their age, in a more comfortable environment.’


Dr Nadesan :  Gaja, I beg you not to teach tamil students if you really do. Where do you teach, in Australia or Thunaivi? If so I pray for their safety. Now coming to Biolela family, you unnecessarily and with your inherent trouble making mindset trying to call it "favouring the Tamil". This kind of nonsense is ingrained in you. This family's case became an Australian issue with the entire white community fighting tooth and nail for them to be accepted. I always felt it was not legally right but certainly on a humanitarian basis. The two charming kids caught the attention of not only Australians but the entire world as well. When I mentioned "charming kids", you at once jumped as to whether your grand kids are not charming. This clearly shows your thinking ability and analytical skills. A case of this type with global publicity will naturally attract the politicians too and for your biased tunnel vision this looks unusual. And I am not surprised about you. Only thing you did not come out with your usual cry is that they are LTTE guys. Now you understand why you dont receive  any responses for your letters from government. For heavens sake dont write your irresponsible out bursts to ruin this familys future.

Dr 'Kandiah Suntharamoorthy' : Well said Nada, agree fully with your view 

Gaja :All those who agree with Dr Nadesan would naturally become my Opposition. Hence I do not have to read your ‘reasoning’ but know that the distance between us is getting  wider and wider. There is no relationship and that is what happened in Sri Lanka where we did not invest in commonness that does not give us ‘benefits’.  By the way – to those who are interested – the Tamil students I referred to are from Jaffna and Kandy – studying at Royal College.  They surprised my husband also – to the extent he quietly observed and enjoyed the experience.

Dr Nadesan :Gaja there you are and your mindset. So according to you if someone does not agree with your views then he / she is your enemy. This is why I told you not to teach the students and ruin their lives. Going by what you say you are against the entire world except Param. Poor Param has simply no choice and he has to survive like how so many survived Rajapakshas tyranny. So Param being happy with your "teachings", one cannot accept it. More than that tell me when he disagreed with you🥱🤭. By the way what is this Royal College you are referring to? Or Jaffna Royal Tuition Centre down hospital road? எல்லாம் ஒரு மாயை ( all just illusion). Gaja you must learn to listen to others and see both sides of the coin and then see how you brighten up.

The above is an example of intolerance of Opposition.  I expressed my belief as a Common citizen of Australia and Sri Lanka – using Australian structure – Common to all refugees . The laws are neither Australian nor Sri Lankan. They are global. Had I taken my place as allocated by the leaders – who have been openly recognised for their Sri Lankan qualifications and positions – I would have been ‘accommodated’ by them. By opposing them I have been demoted to ‘junior-most’ level and am being ‘told’ who I am!

If the protestors join the Parliament – they would also be ‘told’ by those who are used to being seniors. A protestor has to be ‘free’ of institutional  desires. Towards this – they need to be ‘facilitated’ to protest peacefully outside the Parliament and  independent of the  Parliament. In due course time they would need to ‘follow’ due processes to become part of the institution of Parliament on ‘merit’ basis.

The above proposal by Mr Wickremesinghe is the parallel of the ‘quota’ system /Standardization Policy that Mrs Bandaranaike introduced for University Entrance in 1972. It was interpreted by Tamils as a way to suppress their opportunities.  It seems like a band-aid fix to ‘show’ wider world.





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