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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 November  2020




War Crimes and Corona

Yesterday, the Judicial Services Commission of Sri Lanka, wrote to us again about our application on the basis of  Right to Information Act – stating we had not asked for any specific information. I wrote stating the following as the information we had asked for:

(a)   Whether the Court has issued Certificate of Heirship as applied for by the Petitioners in  T55/2011 has been issued in the name of Subramaniam Paramasivam

(b)   Information of monies collected and paid out from the Estate of Mr Subramaniam Yoganathan

 The authority to make such a claim was stated as :

Section 3 (1) of the Right to Information Act, No. 12 of 2016  which confirms the right as follows:

3. (1) Subject to the provisions of section 5 of this Act, every citizen shall have a right of access to information which is in the possession, custody or control of a public authority.

 This is how the practice of law is integrated into the Administrative system. We have resorted to this after concerned members of the family failed to reveal details of Common wealth of the family.

As individuals we have our own conscience and so long as we are true to our conscience we do not need any other law. We would then not harm others nor be harmed by others. But most of us are not individuals only – but are assisted by families and hence need common laws and rules to live in harmony within the family. This is often a combination of  the customary laws of our environment and the truth we discover along the way. That truth automatically restructures our mental relationship/s with the person/s concerned. Without truth, those in high positions are likely to abuse power by taking status without earning it. The above testamentary case bought out many irregularities in Northern courts. At least some of it was due to accepting armed militant rule as ‘right’. I expect that to be the case in Southern courts also, where JVP militancy was accepted as right.

We often do not have the physical and/or status power to fight against that which seems wrong as per our conscience or the system that we invested in. But all of us have the ability to fight against it mentally. Then the results happen through the system of Truth / Natural Justice.

When I therefore read the Island report headlines ‘Wimal accuses UN of playing politics’ – I demoted that militant to the lowest status in my own mind. It’s a restructure of the apparent position of ‘Minister of Industries’ that he holds in the current government. That kind of Opposition through our belief, is a Universal power to which we connect through the voting system. Those who take benefits for their contributions lack this power to connect to the Universal power.

As per the above mentioned report:

[Minister Weerawansa emphasized that the discussion pertaining to the possibility of burying bodies in some isolated spot was absurd. “The health administration, security forces and the police are working overtime, under extremely difficult conditions to bring the situation under control while a section of the population demanded burial rights. This is not fair.”]

This virus, like all sins has plenary powers. Hence the turmoil in American Presidential elections. We know the virus through effects – the same way the Sri Lankan government learnt about JVP that Mr Weerawansa was a part of, through the effects that the JVP ‘showed’. The way Mr Weerawansa is now part of the lawfully elected government, one day we would know and identify with the virus through its causes. That is when it can be curtailed through scientific processes. Until then one has to have belief in Nature’s balance to be protected from its real damages which is to our self-confidence. Death even though unpleasant, is not the worst damage. It could in fact be a relief to someone in chronic pain who is not able to think and act for her/himself.

When bioweapons are being used increasingly by governments, and those killed or maimed are helpless, Nature is likely to manifest Itself as an invisible force. Then governments become as powerless as the innocent lives killed in war. That is how karma works to maintain the Universal balance of Sovereignty. One of the ‘forms’ through which the return happens is the UN – especially its ‘belief based resolutions’.

As per the above mentioned report:

[Minister Weerawansa alleged that the UN had conveniently forgotten the restrictions affected all communities regardless of faith. Unfortunately, the UN raised the issue with Premier Rajapaksa as if restrictions only affected the Muslim community. The NFF leader said that many an eyebrow was raised recently over the UK condemning the arrest of 2019 Easter Sunday attack suspect, lawyer Hejaaz Hizbullah. Minister Weerawansa said that the contentious issue has been raised at the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), while the matter was pending before the country’s highest court.

The Cabinet also discussed the British government criticism of Sri Lanka’s withdrawal from the 30/1 accountability resolution and current human rights situation in Sri Lanka et al.]

The 30/1 accountability was war related. To the extent the LTTE was open about using its own laws, it was ready to die in war. But not so the government forces and hence they were accountable to the People and all those who assisted the Sri Lankan government without insisting on proof. Hence every unit of harm caused including to the LTTE by the official forces would exponentially reproduce itself. To the extent Sri Lanka’s government alienated itself from the UN – that exponential manifestation would hurt Sri Lanka’s government. That is the universal law of unsettled problems. They go into the Universal system and gain exponential governance power.

This karma is likely to manifest through Muslims who live within their belief. To the extent they are denied non-violent expressions of their belief – the karma would return to sender – the Lankan government that accommodates those like Mr Weerawansa who is driven by rebel power.  Those who rebelled through belief will accept that return. Mr Weerawansa obviously was lacking in belief when he fought against the government.

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