Friday 26 June 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 June  2020

Did LTTE Leader Resurrect through Karuna?

The issue of Karuna Amman who led the Tamil Rebellion in Eastern Sri Lanka is a manifestation that confirms risk of ongoing war. Muslim parallels manifested this force through Easter Sunday bombings. When positive Energy is weak, negative Energy manifests itself. Each one of us contributes to this through our ‘home’ areas and groups. Batticaloa was also attacked on Easter Sunday and to the extent Karuna Amman failed to prevent it in his home area – he effectively lost power as political leader. He is clever in guerrilla warfare and by falsely elevating him to political leadership, the Rajapaksa government diluted the value of its own political power. By ‘showing’ victory against LTTE who represented armed rebels within the Tamil community the Rajapaksa government covered this up – probably to themselves also. That is how quid pro quos often end up demoting our cultural status. They dilute the heritage value of our work and sacrifices.

Karuna was referred to as ‘Throgi’/Traitor by supporters of Northern LTTE. If Northern LTTE also had considered him to be a  ‘Throgi’ that did not manifest in the death of Karuna nor any public statement by the LTTE leader. One is therefore entitled to conclude that the Northern LTTE had demoted itself or that it accepted Karuna’s separation. Karuna himself confirmed the latter through his interview with Vasantham TV’s Athirvu program in September 2015.

As per my assessment – Karuna was clever and Prabhakaran was disciplined. Hindustani Times reported as follows through its 2010 article headed ‘Karuna Amman warns arm groups in the East’ reported as follows:

[Making it clear that Sri Lankan government will not tolerate any groups in the east carrying arms, former Prabhakaran aide and now a Union minister Karuna Amman asked them to disarm themselves.
"If any people carry legal or illegal weapons in that area, we cannot accept that situation. Because now only people are enjoying freedom after thirty years. They suffered a lot. Now they are starting to enjoy their lives," Amman said.
"Already we have disarmed all the eastern people. There are no armed cadres there now," the deputy minister for resettlement Vinayagamurthy Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman said of his Eastern bastion.]

The real weapon was the Energy to Oppose. That continued to live and hence the recent outburst from Karuna who needed attention. In the above mentioned interview, Karuna confirmed that he respected Prabhakaran highly. The fact that it was due to the discipline through which Prabhakaran developed a structure from zero base was brought out through the interview. But that was military structure and not democratic civilian structure.

As per my insight – the war came to an end because of Karuna’s defection. A separate Tamil State through LTTE would have been a military state.

If the Tamils of North and East did not want war – then Karuna facilitated it. By the same token, by being inactive in real Politics, Karuna is drawing on his past ‘wins’ to elevate himself. That is the way with quid pro quos. Both sides go back to their permanent state once the effect of the pleasure is exhausted. To elevate pleasure to happiness and cost to investment in structure  -  one has to sacrifice that which s/he thinks is hers/his. This sacrifice results in structural protection which eventually fructifies as protective Energy which is an eternal power that comes with us and with those who believe in us.

Institutional and cultural structures are developed towards this election from benefit to structure and structure to formless Energy. Form limits the power to particular place and time. Formless power is eternal and exponential and hence is carried with us eternally as our soul-power.

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