Saturday 21 September 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 September  2019

Are Former Presidents Ruling Sri Lanka?

Last October, the Sri Lankan President demonstrated in action that his immediate past supervisor Mr Mainda Rajapasa was acting through him. To my mind, that  happens when one is not ready for that position and lacks the skills to conceal the deficiency.  This came out again – in the inquiry by the Parliamentary Select Committee into Easter Bombings:
[Committee member Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka asked several questions from the President including why the Prime Minister was kept out of National Security Council (NSC) meetings, to which he replied that a circular issued in 1999 by then-President Chandrika Kumaratunga excluded the Prime Minister from the list of persons eligible to attend NSC meeting. The President said he had however allowed the Prime Minister to attend the NSC.]

The internal divisions within the President’s political party – the SLFP – would have been on the increase when the then government was driven more and more by money.  This is why they say in Jaffna culture – not to give priority to money over human relationships. Relationships confirm truth in the group and/or investment in common policy. Our genuine and free  investment in Sri Lankan lawful positions becomes a binding Energy at national level.

The above statement confirms that the President from time to time was using the system made by his former seniors than by the current government made up largely of his opposition – the UNP. The Commonness with Mr Rajapaksa was defeated by the promise of Presidency by Madam Kumaratunga. But it did not go away and started surfacing after the effect of the desire was used up. Then the mind clung to the facilitator of the current position – Madam Kumaratunga. Good or Bad – their Energies invoke themselves unless we do our duty by our current positions. If those Energies are good – we need to bow to them in our mind and the Energy would naturally merge with our current efforts to promote us to the next level.

The above report has been published  by Daily FT. This medium published also my article ‘Easter bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu? Mainstream media rarely publish my work. But a close perusal would confirm that there are many ‘seniors’ in the media who are included by me in the current experience through the article. I concluded that the current publisher – was ‘confortable’ because – like the president – this publisher became the medium of the past.
When we are driven by the results produced by others in the past – and we do not pay our respects to them – we inherit the negatives from that person and the system.  Likewise, when we take from ‘foreigners’ without becoming part of a common group.
This was demonstrated through  the following by a Non-Australian:
[Recently, i sent you all a news item - Australian immigration authorities
dragging a Sri Lankan Tamil family, with two children, to the plane to deport
them to Sri lanka - to most of my Australian friends and families. I, by mistake,
used CC instead of BCC in my emails and consequently, I breached your
privacy, with regard to forwarding the emails. I sincerely apologize for that error.

Ms. Gajaluxmie, a Tamil activist living in Sydney, used my list to forward her
emails, perhaps with the good intention, to you all. Unfortunately this raised
some concerns to some of you and have written to her not to use your private
email address.
I have since written to Ms. Gajaluxmie not to forward any emails to the people
in my email list and she had kindly consented to my request. I therefore, confirm
that, while regretting for the oversight, you will not receive any emails from her.

Once again, thank you for your understanding.]

I agreed to the one who shared with me through our common interest in the Tamil community of Northern Sri Lanka. But I highlighted the risk of division as follows:

[Those who want their names removed – fear transparency. The topic under which you wrote – was about exposing the Australian Government to the outside world. If we seek to contribute confidentially – we should NOT expose others including governments. In the case of Australian Tamils – it is their duty to be transparent in relation to the ‘issue’ and not be selective about which matters they take up at the public level. The ultimate loss is to the family that you set out to support. It is not about where they live but how they live.

As per my standards I do not reveal one group’s address to the other. I send about 10 different email – including to the Australian Government and our High Commissioner in Sri Lanka – separately. The message is the same. But the Energy is different. You have confirmed that this group itself is not ‘family’ – even though you call them so. Only a family will naturally become community.

I will take them off – because you asked. In return they become the media of divisive Energies. ]

The above confirms ‘self -imposed’  isolation. When we do not have an opposition we go into the time mode and pass on the ‘other side’ to ourselves living in the future and/or to our heirs.

This is how the Sri Lankan Tamil community is dividing itself by living in the past. If as an Australian I have contributed more to Democracy than they – and therefore earned the ‘right’ to migrate to Australia or other democratic nation – those who have contributed less than I to democracy are my juniors as per the system of truth / dharma. When they fail to recognize such seniority – they confirm that they are migrants for economic reasons.  Tamils who reacted to the Sinhalese which is divided from top to bottom by living in the past, become their heirs in the system of truth. When we react more than to defend ourselves – we become like them.

Equal Opportunity principles facilitate us to live in the present. Having an equal opposition within our circle of belief is  essential in Democracy. Hence  living in democracy leads to global commonness.

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