Saturday 24 August 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24  August  2019


 I believe that Natural Governance is based on common belief. The Governor of Northern Province – Dr Suren Raghavan is reported to have declared as follows:
[I thank His Excellency President Maithripala Sirisena for selecting me and appointing me as a Governor of this province for the last seven months. You know, I am no politician and no government administrator. I’ve come from an academic background. One day, as many say by December I’ll go back to my academics. But between that time, I try my best to do what I have commanded. That is to serve people who are in the province.] FT article headed “I serve the people to uphold social justice”: Northern Governor

To me that is what natural governance is about. Where there is no Administration and we operate as a group, we are co-owners. Co-owners share through common belief. Dr Raghavan, as per my observations – is global minded and by living in Jaffna, as if it were his home – the Governor has shared his global mind with all those who genuinely respected him. Northerners need such expansion to connect to their own families living beyond the Northern borders and the shores of Sri Lanka.
As per my discovery, when we believe in common with others, we share in each other’s goodness. Likewise, when we believe in two areas – what we do in one befits the other also. If therefore Dr Raghavan does believe more in North than he did before he became governor, then he is part of the leading force that integrates North with South and more importantly with the global community, especially through educational pathways.

To my mind, when my belief expectations ‘happen’ whoever is in governance then and one who has not opposed such manifestations, has been good governor of my home-area. One knows the other. Nallur festival this year has confirmed such good governance during Dr Raghavan’s tenure. Dr Raghavan did not expressly Administer  any of the proceedings. But a believer in Nallur as well as Self Governance would identify with the natural harmony that prevails there – with devotees respecting expressly stated rules and more importantly each other’s natural space on Equal Opportunity basis.

Lord Muruga is the personification of global justice through democracy. The mango legend through which we learn how Lord Muruga established His own Kingdom confirms this. That is about Self-Governance. Mr Sajith Premadasa’s declaration that he is Presidential candidate borders along those lines. The fact that it happened during Nallur festival time would confirm to a true believer that he has the support of Northerners.

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