Wednesday 24 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 April  2019

Commonness Healing

According to the Hindu philosophy I learnt – one who has desire would accumulate fear. One who fails to do her/his duty as per her/his position through which s/he enjoys benefits – would suffer from fear. That is the rule of Natural law.  Asanga Welikala confirms this as follows in his article The Constitutional Implications of the Easter Sunday Terror Attack’ :

[Individuals hold ministerial office not merely to carry out the executive functions of a ministry but also to be accountable for all the activities of that ministry, including acts and omissions of officials and agents that the minister may not have personally undertaken. A minister is accordingly entitled to take credit for the achievements of a ministry, but the inescapable flip side of this coin is that the minister is there to carry the can when things go wrong. In the face of parliamentary or judicial scrutiny, the minister takes official responsibility and is required to resign when the lapse or mistake or wrongdoing is especially serious. The President is subject to all these conventions of constitutional democracy when he assigns ministries to himself, and all the more so when he has chosen to run those ministries as if they were his personal fiefdom and deliberately excluded the involvement of the Cabinet.]

Not only this current  Sri Lankan president but also his predecessor treated Sri Lanka’s South   as their personal fiefdom. Militant leaders did likewise in areas within their control. To the extent we blame the other side beyond their earned limits – the return comes to us to make us become like them. Common belief protects us from such excesses. The return happens through someone / group that has  common belief in  both. If that person demonstrates such seniority but is not respected as a senior by custodians of power, the karma gets returned – often through other media of lower order. I learnt this through my experience at the University of NSW where those who neglected their duty to me as per our respective positions got their returns through migrants who followed a lower order and went straight to ABC  media.

In terms of the President of Sri Lanka – he is very much the pawn through whom king Rajapaksa protected himself and his clan. Despite the carefully constructed Separation of the two in 2015 – Mr Sirisena remained pawn. Effectively Mr Rajapaksa took his place as Mr Sirisena’s senior in 2018. That is the effect of his master’s voice. The 2018 local government elections facilitated this.
Every voter who voted for these two Defence Ministers is ultimately responsible for the pain and suffering of the victims. Both have to be stripped of their civic rights – if we are to be free of such return karma.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard who in 2001 lied to the public about asylum seekers throwing their children overboard did win the subsequent elections lost his seat in 2007. When one loses one’s seat it confirms serious deterioration in belief. This happens through accumulated negative karma from various angles by various believers. The value of migrants whose belief is unjustly damaged and the value of who return the karma though higher lawful pathways elevate the picture of the loss to global levels. One was interference in the politics of America – against Mr Barack Obama – reported by Wikipedia as follows:

[Howard supported the Bush administration's 2007 surge strategy in Iraq, and criticised Democrat US Presidential candidate Barack Obama for calling for a complete withdrawal of Coalition troops by March 2008]

Both – the Asylum seeker lie and the support to Bush against Obama strongly deteriorated Australian investment in multicultural immigration. This then makes our common belief with the communities concerned weaker and increases the risk of ‘terrorism’ attacks. After the Children Overboard lie – we had the Bali Bombing. After the above mentioned collusion against Mr Obama – Mr Howard got dismissed by his electorate to a gender based minority representative – Journalist Maxine Mckew.
As per published reports – the Indian Intelligence Agencies did alert their Sri Lankan counterparts about the possibility of the Easter Sunday attacks. The lack of investment in Regional Governance by Mr Sirisena – responsible for Defence meant he was blind to this path. If the President had invested genuinely in post-war development and healing – that would have strongly contributed to the establishment of this belief based link. Mr Sirisena went to Thirupathi as an individual for personal reasons. He thus abandoned post at the crucial time due to lack of belief.

If Mr Sirisena or Mr Rajapaksa are elected presidents and therefore are responsible for Defence – Sri Lankans would continue to attack Sri Lankans. The numbers would escalate when they do so despite knowing that their elected leaders were responsible. The voter who listens with faith will know the Truth. The Truth will come to the genuine voter.

It took 9/11 pain for Americans to develop protection against terrorism. It took Bali bombing for Australians to protect themselves from such pain. If we Sri Lankans learn from this painful experience – and eliminate through our Truth those who suffer from serious gaps between individualism and commonness, we would protect ourselves at the roots.

Tomorrow we celebrate ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) to confirm that the two nations are family.  I feel strongly that such shows of Regional Commonness with India – would protect us from negligence of our duty of care to the voters who believe in us.

I believe that I am common and therefore the places that make me feel at ‘home’ would be protected by ‘separatists’ of all sorts. 

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