Wednesday 19 September 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

19 September 2018

Who Resourced the Sri Lankan Government Army?

[Professor, Dr. Mehmet Sukru Guzel is to deliver a keynote speech on “Protecting the UN Global Counter- Terrorism Strategy,” at a parallel session at Geneva Human Rights Council tomorrow (20). The session consists of two keynote speeches by Prof. Guzel and Dr. Nalaka Godahewa who was specially invited by Prof. Guzel.
In his keynote speech, Prof. Guzel will be stressing on the obligation to open an International Committee of Inquiry for perpetrators who financed the LTTE by the Human Rights Council. ] – Ceylon Today article ‘Sri Lankan Academic in Geneva To address HRC on counter-terrorism’

If Dr Nalaka Godahewa, who is a Sri Lankan, seeks the global value – he needs to investigate first his own side in the Sri Lankan war. The UN is a global organization and has the responsibility to investigate both sides to the war in relation to a particular aspect or not investigate either side.

We talk about Root-Causes of problems. This root cause is invisible Energy and is negative when the manifestation is considered a problem by that environment where the manifestation happened. It is positive when the manifestation is considered an opportunity by that environment. Rule by majority is valid only when we take objectively measurable outcomes produced through every ‘sovereign’ component of the whole. Sovereignty confirms that the cause is the Energy / Root and not visible influences without the capability to function independently. The parallel of vote  in the above matter is the money value in the custody of the two sides.

The LTTE would have been resourced by various groups. This possibly included governments – starting with the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu – Mr M G Ramachandran. If the Sri Lankan Government did not complain about this to the Indian Government when the donor as well as the donee were alive – it has no right to investigate now – after both donor and donee have become ‘ root-energies’. To investigate the LTTE – they must first be recognized as having current body / form. Otherwise the investigation is about the Spiritual world which is no business of the Government.

As per the above report:
[The speech will also highlight the International Wrongful Act of the Human Rights Council by not defining LTTE as a terrorist outfit and not asking the international Committee of Inquiry for the perpetrators of financing LTTE in its resolution 30/1.]
LTTE is protected by the belief of all Tamils who suffered due to their battles to preserve their Sovereignty. This struggle was greater in the case of those who earned their credits through the ‘common’ pathway and followed the ‘common-law’ despite discrimination pain along the way. I am one such Australian Tamil who had to sacrifice earned opportunities to uphold my Truth. Everyone who upholds the Truth – naturally upholds Sovereignty / Positive Energy. So long as such Tamils resourced the LTTE – such resourcing was of positive value to the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka. It is that contribution that brought the current government to power that was made up of opposing Energies of the previous Government. It would be more valuable to Sinhalese if global academics were to research into how this was manifested by voters – despite the  majority being large enough to form a Sinhalese Opposition Leadership in Parliament. THAT did not happen largely due to LTTE. It happened due to belief by minority religions who submitted to the Lord when they were dismissed by the human system. Nallur Temple confirmed yet again that the Northern Tamils are returning to the religious pathway after the armed pathway hurt them.

Kilinochchi District MP S. Sridharan who is reported to have called on ‘Tamils to fight to death against Sinhala colonization’ obviously did not connect to this deeper religious power which at belief level is self-regulating. This is because LTTE was founded and functioned as a secular organization. Hence those to whom they become ancestors – do not have the collective power to invoke the Energy of any particular religious group or indeed the common belief in god.
If the LTTE is invoked for positive value or negative value in our current environment – we say goodbye to the pathways they consciously ruled out through their policies. In contrast – the Sri Lankan Army that expressly included belief in Buddhism – would have been supported by all those who believed in Buddha. If Dr Nalaka Godahewa investigates and finds no logical connection between the causes and actions of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces – one has every right to conclude that to him it is Buddha who committed the unlawful actions. As Lord Krishna says ‘It is foolish to think that we are the sole-doers.’ Those driven by money would tend to think they did it all by themselves. Where the Energy is stronger than the visible influences – we do not know who did it. We do not need to know. All we need is belief in our own Sovereign Energy. Energy is Sovereign and its passage and existence could  only be felt through belief through one form or the other.
When we go from one class in school to the next – we do not take the classroom with us. Likewise, when we go from one physical form to another. If LTTE is investigated now at money level – then it is the parallel of Mrs Vijayakala Maheswaran’s expressions – to bring back the LTTE. Why should one be punished and not the other?

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