Thursday 31 August 2017

Mrs. Vasanthini Santhakumar
President, Thunaivi Women’s Association

15 August 2017

Respectable President,

Security of Thunaivi Folks & their Ownership Contribution

I seek to thank the first president of Thunaivi Women’s Association, Mrs Rosa Maruthalingam  & yourself for facilitating the interaction ‘Security of Thunaivi Folks & their Ownership Contribution’ on Sunday, 13 August 2017. In particular, I applaud the decision by Mrs Rosa Maruthalingam  to deny the demand made by Mr. Senthil (Atchutha’s husband), to not facilitate  the meeting. I appreciate that my Equal rights were upheld through that decision.

In addition, my blessings go to all those who participated in the meeting and in particular – to Vasee’s father Mr. Vadivel, Atchutha’s grandfather Mr. Rathinam, Senthil’s sister Mrs Sasi Rasu and Mrs. Manjula Kumar.

I feel that Senthil considered the core purpose of this meeting to be to read out his charge sheet. On 05 August morning, Senthil’s wife Atchutha expressed her knowledge that our temple fence had been cut the previous night – pointing in the direction of the fence that was out of her sight. Likewise, Senthil also has revealed his apprehension by demanding that the meeting not take place. I believe that these are the manifestations of Kala-Bairavar. Our family refers to this temple as Sangarathai-Vairavar temple. I believe that God has come to me in the form of Kala-Bairavar in this experience.

When our roof was stoned on the night of 07August 2017, Mr. Aiyathurai said ‘Someone shot dead Gandhi also’. Others including those in militant movement  identified with the my pathway being similar to Gandhi’s. It makes me happy to learn that there is at least one person in this village who appreciates the value of Gandhi. Remembering and talking about Gandhi today, 15 August 2017 – the  anniversary of the day India’s  Independence was declared  - is of Spiritual merit. We also would be blessed by the Energy of Independence.

Even though Senthil may not have cut the fence this time, it is my belief that his negative energy continues to be here. One needs evidence from outsiders. One knows insiders though Belief. Then we could prevent the floods. We need strong positive Energy to eliminate such negative energies.

About 2 years back Senthil went to the Police because I refused to release the last instalment in relation to the construction of the temple fence on the basis that he had not completed the job. As per my assessment that debt has been carried beyond its due date and is now a sin that sits on his shoulder. Sins and Spiritual virtues function on their own – independent of our influences. They naturally join forces with others’ Sins and Spiritual virtues. It is for this reason that horoscopes are matched in deciding on marriage compatibility – especially in the case of those whose horoscopes carry debilitating aspects in the house of Mars. Sethil’s sin displaced his mother in law from her home. The reasons known to me as per my experience are:

(1)  Senthil asked through Chellammah to occupy our cottage when he eloped with Atchutha
(2)    Senthil asked me to get the keys to the Temple gate, from Mr. Rathinam
(3)   When Senthil heard that I was closing down my work here – he said to Rosa that he was going to be in charge.

Out of those who seek to chase me away, Senthil ranks first. He seems so desirous of others’ wealth. When our roof was stoned during day time and I came out to inspect, Senthil, Atchutha and another who looked like Senthil’s cousin Sashi were all seated under the Banyan tree  in front of the temple. Not one of them asked me what was happening; nor wether they could help. I went to the Police. At the Police station Sashi said that it was not him but Paiyan. That Banyan tree is also in someone else’s land. I said to him that it was unlawful to sit there. He said he would not come that way anymore. But later, he was there with Senthil. They have proven that they are disrespectful of Police orders. From then on the issue has been submitted to Lord Kala-Bairavar.

The common culture of this village is different to the culture of the village on the other side of the road. One has authority to administer another only where there is common culture. Otherwise we could live harmoniously as per our individual Truth. Where cultures are different we need to live apart from each other to prevent conflict. Then there will be no war. Hence when I am stoned, I need to leave. If I do not take my position as per our true contribution but continue to stay here – I would need to lead an isolated life. I would then need to pretend to be blind when temple property is being stolen.

Rosa said that 99% of the folks here were good and that I could come and go anytime as usual. My husband said in response that we did not need anyone’s approval to come to our own home. Hence this was an outsider’s statement. Rosa’s father would not have stated this. The reason is that my father in law was Rosa’s father’s employer. They completed their relationship to become Common. Had Rosa valued that heritage she would have identified with my husband’s thinking. Hence my thinking as his wife.

Rosa spoke as if she was the village authority. If Rosa had contributed to that extent, then she has the authority to speak about common fairness; but not to approve or disapprove. Given that this village is lacking in common law / measure, my experience has become the example of what would happen to an outsider. When in 2006, Rosa requested me  for land allocation for roadway, Rosa may not have known about the negative force of the 1% of the villagers. Their group made further request on the basis that Public officers would use the Development Secretariat building to be built in the land they were asking to be allocated. Those officers by their absence have confirmed that the basis for that request was false. The Public offices have not come during these 9 years after completion of the building.  Hence as per the system of Natural Justice, the land reverts to our family.  I have regularized this through the legal system also. The building belongs to the People but the land is ours.  It belongs to us – as private property. Those who override this Truth would become examples confirming the saying ‘Abuse of Common wealth would lead to destruction of one’s own family’.

Rosa said at the meeting that Mrs Nithi also went into trance once and became the medium through whom Mother Kali sent message. If Mrs Nithi became the medium, she would have known intuitively what the need of the village was and what was needed to be done to satisfy that need. Now Mrs Nithi does not live near the temple. I am wondering whether the way I am being stoned now, Nithi also got the message to leave that area. God would not come like that without a deep purpose. One has to seek deeply for such Divine manifestation.

As per my deep search the women of this area, especially those who are physically frail, are at risk in this area. This is why when Vasee said that he would smash my face flat, he got recorded in the camera system and he later confessed to the Police that he did say so to me. I declared that if this risk  continued to exist, someone in this village also would experience Miss Vithya Sivaloganathan’s fate. Atchutha got upset with that and is supposed to have said that I was cursing. If one thought that there was no truth to my declaration, they would easily dismiss it. If they are fearful,  it confirms that they fear the truth in that declaration. Deep investors have deep Insight. Their Vision would also stretch far. That is the value of ownership. Some Australian academics stated that I had this Vision. The book I wrote on that basis – ‘Naan Australian’ is now in the National Library of Australia. It is also in our Vaddukoddai office.

Rosa ought to know about this insight of mine. The opening of this Common building by Public officials  took place on 11-09-2008. The ceremony was presided by the then Government Agent Mr Ganesh. I thanked Lord Vairavar and Mother Kali – by connecting this to my respect for  previous Government Agent and my relative Mr Mailvaganam Srikhanta. As I said at the meeting, where there is gratitude, there is belief.  Belief is a uniting force.

That day you honoured Government Agent Mr Ganesh as the Chief Guest. He also handed over the key to this building to you (Women’s Association). The current conduct here confirms that the resources that were taken in the name of post-war reconstruction have not been used for that purpose.

On 11-09-2008, you failed to arrange even a tuk-tuk for me to go home and change for the occasion. I requested a guy known to me, from the group that was fooling around to give me a lift on his bicycle, to Vaddukoddai. He first hesitated but later agreed. But the force with which he  started peddling threw me out of balance and I fell down. The reason for this is the negative energy of the 1% being stronger than the positive energy of the 99%.

The following morning I shared with many of you, through written communication, the discovery I made about the risk I discovered through this experience. But now by stoning me away you have confirmed that that advice was not used by you. If only a few were responsible the rest  would come forward as witnesses. Since that has not happened I conclude that the whole village is responsible.

The main topic of the meeting on 13 August was the - Security of Thunaivi Folks & their Ownership Contribution – so that we would prevent another Vithya Sivaloganathan type of victim. Towards this you need to know your own Truth. Hence the meeting.

During the meeting Rosa stated that even when I was not around during the war days – they lit the lamp at the temple. I responded that from far away, I lit the lamp in my heart. There were so my problems at the temple during current times but what did Rosa do towards recognizing them?  At those times they became my personal / private problems.

This morning I noticed many men carrying poles walking across the land of Mr. Thanaranjithan and jumping over the boundary wall into the next compound. Even though I knew it was unlawful, I did not take any action. I have added more cameras on the roof to cover the direction from which I was attacked. Senthil is reported to have asked our camera guys whether his compound was visible through the camera. Later his mother in law Pavan came over and complained that they did not have privacy when they came to go to the toilet in the nights and also when they bathed at the well-side. I asked her whether her daughter who built the new house did not build an internal bathroom and toilet? To that Pavan said that that was her daughter’s house and not hers. I then said that Pavan did not reside here but at Mulangaavil. Then Pavan said that they needed the privacy  when they came for holidays. I said due to her son-in-law’s actions when I heard noises in the nights I used the search light to look for intruders. I turn the cameras especially in the direction of his home. I carried the knife and the heavy spanner as protection to attack any intruder. If I killed an intruder to protect myself – it would not be unlawful. Senthil who said to the Police that he went into others’ land to enjoy the shade of the big tree has sent his mother in law as messenger when he did not like a neighbour’s camera covering his compound! I checked after Pavan left. Only their roof and the front yard are visible. I showed this to Pavan’s brother Karan also. Righteousness requires one to respect the privacy of others to earn the right to enjoy one’s own privacy. One who fails to respect others’ wealth loses the privacy to enjoy his own wealth. This is the way of Dharma / Righteousness

Included  is the CD with the recording of the proceedings of that meeting

yours sincerely

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

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