Wednesday 11 November 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 11 November  2015

No Deepavali for Sri Lanka and Yes Deepavali for Australia?

Under the PTA, as well as under the State of Emergency in effect during the war, confessions to the police and other authorities obtained under duress are admissible unless the accused can prove that they were involuntary.” – Speech by Australian Senator the Hon Lee Rhiannon on 10 November 2015
To Sri Lankans 10 November 2015 was a Public Holiday due to Deepavali the festival of Lights. It was reported :

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in his Deepavali message said: "Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, signifies a moment of light overcoming darkness, the good triumphing over evil, for the Hindu faithful throughout the world and Sri Lanka. It is a joyous occasion for the Hindus who celebrate it as one of the most important holy days in their calendar.’

If this has been truly upheld in Sri Lanka – at least in 2015 – then the above speech in Australia on Sri Lankan Deepavali day would not have happened.  As an Australian of  Sri Lankan Tamil origin I was feeling sad yesterday and hence my message ‘True Deepavali’ – instead of Happy Deepavali. Most of the above prisoners to whom Senator the Hon Lee Rhiannon gave Voice in Australian Parliament, at the same time I wrote and published my article without any knowledge of  the Senator’s speech – are Hindus. How could the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka expect fellow Sri Lankan Hindus to be ‘joyous’  – when they are not able to clear the ignorance of the Government about these Hindu-prisoners?’

As is my way – I am looking at the way of Natural Justice – for a Lesson. It came through the passing away of  Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero, who is reported to have caused the demise of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Presidential Powers. As per Wikipedia report:

[Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero came to prominence during his struggle against then-President J. R. Jayewardene (in office: 1977-1988) and the latter's efforts to centralize power within the presidency, and threats against freedom of expression, civil rights and the rule of law. Thero was one of the most important leaders of the anti-Indian intervention campaign in the late 1980s as well. He was an excellent orator in mobilizing the Sri Lankan populace across the spectrum. He put his charisma, influence and skill to maximum use in the fight through the National Movement for a Just Society (NMJS) to bring in a pro-rights government on 8 January 2015 that ended Mahinda Rajapaksa's administration. He not only unified the divided opposition but also unified the trade unions, rights groups, artists, professionals and academia alike in his cause.]

I wrote yesterday on Indian involvement:

[Will the current Prime Minister also recognize Tamils as One Community of Equal Status to Govern themselves and either repeal Article 9 or preferably facilitate the merger of North and East as per Section 4 of Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution as follows:

 Section 4 Insertion of Chapter XVIIA in the Constitution

154A (Establishment of Provincial Councils)

(3) Notwithstanding anything in the preceding provisions of this Article, Parliament may by, or under, any law provide for two or three adjoining Provinces to form one administrative unit with one elected Provincial Council, one Governor, one Chief Minister and one Board of Ministers and for the manner of determining whether such Provinces should continue to be administered as one administrative unit or whether each such Province should constitute a separate administrative unit with its own Provincial Council, and a separate Governor

I believe that a merged picture of North & East would be seen as the protecting fortress by Sinhalese suffering from ‘invasion’ fears and Tamils desiring to match majority power through coalition with Indian Tamils. Mr. Abbott also was trying to prevent such coalitions of Communities by damaging Australia’s Sovereignty.]

This morning’s email message about Senator Rhiannon’s speech in Australian Parliament – confirmed to me that my projection based on my True identity with India’s contribution to Sri Lanka  is along the right track for Peace in Sri Lanka – so  Sri Lankan Hindus would be joyous on Deepavali days for years to come.

To me that was no coincidence. Truth supports those who support Truth.

The continuity of Sri Lankan ethnic problem is clearly confirmed by the following Editorial in the Daily Mirror – confirming that the National Media which condones such standards is working against a solution to the Sri Lankan ethnic problem:

[The Buddha Dhamma and the Judicial Service – EDITORIAL – 10-11-2105

[The nation is paying a glorious and unprecedented tribute to the prelate the Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Hamuduruwo who in his vision and mission was like a model proactive judge holding the scales evenly and getting closely involved in the battle for social justice for all people whether they be rich or poor, the powerful or the powerless. This would be an appropriate time to reflect on the Noble Eight-fold Path and Sri Lanka’s judicial process which during the past 15 years was severely undermined and suffered body blows from party political leaders. Along with the attack on judicial independence, we also saw a breakdown in the rule of law, leading to authoritarian trends which leaders such as Sobitha Hamuduruwo courageously challenged and fought against.]

If indeed the above Buddhist monk was Divine and was driven by Truth regulated by law and beyond – AND the President was one of his believers, all Political Prisoners who were taken into custody during the above stated 15 years – recognized as being the evil period as per Buddhist pathway – have earned their release. Those Tamil prisoners who declared that they were innocent – ought to have been released first. Instead of them dying through their fast – Sri Lanka lost its Buddhist leader. THAT is the Deepavali message. All true Sri Lankans would identify with it. I received a message of appreciation from such a Sri Lankan of Sinhalese origin, this morning:

[Thanks Gaja for  enlightening me on the correct perspective of prayer. Much appreciated.]

Another loss of Sri Lanka’s International Judicial status  was highlighted by the above Editor as follows:

[One of the world’s most eminent jurists, Justice C.G. Weeramantry, former Senior Vice President of the International Court of Justice has made an enlightened analysis of the positive effects the Buddha Dhamma should and could have on the judicial process. Justice Weeramantry says that in its noblest dimension the judicial service is one of the highest forms of responsibility that any individual is called to. An important source of wisdom which can illuminate judicial responsibility is the vast repository of instruction concerning human conduct contained in the teachings of the great religions.]

The above confirms that the Sri Lankan Judiciary deserved its loss of Independence – when Politicians like Mr. Rajapaksa were stronger forces. Sri Lanka is demonstrating serious failures in upholding the Doctrine of Separation of Powers – the very weapon the Judiciary used to accuse Mr. Rajapaksa when the Chief Justice was dismissed by the Executive President. When the Judiciary fails to uphold the fundamentals – such dismissals are suicide bombs. If we claim status through one pathway – say as a monk – and we choose to change horses midstream – the results would be disastrous to users of both pathways. Monks who follow Buddha as per their Uniform – changing to Politics - have caused damage to Buddhism as well as Politics in Sri Lanka.

The Island Article ‘Most fitting tribute to venerable Sobitha is to uphold good governance’ leads us to some examples of (1)Political status attributed to Buddhist monks even though Buddha the Origin – renounced such status to become their source AND (2) that Political status was not protected by Politicians for Parliamentary purpose only:

 Jehan Perera writes about Venerable Sobitha:
[He became a subject of international controversy when his photograph appeared on the cover of a book titled "Buddhism Betrayed" by Professor Stanley Tambiah of Harvard University who was of Sri Lankan Tamil origin.

When Sri Lanka’s internal conflict that pitted the government against Tamil militants was growing in intensity in the mid 1980s, Ven Sobitha was a prominent spokesperson for the Sinhalese Buddhist perspective. He was portrayed by his critics as a hard line and nationalist Buddhist monk who advocated war over peace. He engaged in debate against those liberals who advocated a negotiated settlement of the ethnic conflict and power sharing arrangements, especially through the devolution of power, which they argued would address the roots of the conflict. The Ven Sobitha also challenged the might of the government of President J R Jayewardene who enjoyed a 5/6 majority of seats in Parliament when the president signed the Indo Lanka Peace Accord in 1987 that devolved power to the provinces and invited the Indian army into Sri Lanka to disarm the Tamil militants

It is obvious that as per these writers - Ven Sobitha – was anti Indian in the Sri Lankan problem. Yet as per public records – Buddha was Indian. If Buddha was believed to be Divine by these monks – they would have invoked the spiritual powers of Indian leaders through Buddha who contributed to the Poor man’s pathway to Spirituality.

Justice Weeramantry is another example of one who has indiscriminately mixed his pathways. Justice Weeramantry’s voice is not heard at all in relation to the Hybrid Court recommendation by the UN nor about the plight of these Political Prisoners.

As per the above Editorial:

[According to Justice Weeramantry, Buddhism has a wealth of teaching and minute analyses regarding the working of the human mind.]

I came across Justice Weeramanty’s atcile on Ahimsa when I was in Colombo as a Pioneer of Airlanka (now Sri Lankan Airlines) for the 25th year celebrations in 2004. Mr. Weeramantry spoke about Religion but then also it was published under the Subject matter of Gandhi’s Ahimsa.

As is my way I wrote a response – posted it to the editor of Daily News and forgot about it. Much later when I was googling through the net I noted not only that my response was actually published by the Daily News but that it was published on the same day I was declared to be following in the path of Gandhi, by an Australian mind specialist – Dr. Peter Vaugh, with the official position who refused to be led by my religious beliefs which were different to his. . If not for those challenges I would not have known and appreciated this Australian Medical Specialist who contributes to the Sovereignty of Australia – not as a Politician but through his regular work.

I have since appreciated the beauty of Truth. The deeper we go – the more precious the experience. Whenever I needed the support of my own Truth – someone came forward. But this was possible only when my focus was along my chosen pathway ONLY.

As per my assessment all prisoners who were arrested under Prevention of Terrorism Act during the past 15 years – are Political Prisoners – due to the Declaration that changed the leadership in 2015. As highlighted by a Sri Lankan Legal expert during a recent meeting of the Sri Lankan Reconciliation Forum in Sydney – where the Sri Lankan High Commissioner was the Keynote Speaker – the PTA itself is without sunset clause and therefore could be worked on the basis of belief. It has adequate provisions to facilitate belief of Politicians – strongly needed in a country where religion and law are indiscriminately mixed by leaders with official titles.

While one Buddhist is being celebrated by the media another who spoke against Muslims is reported to have lost status:
That is the REAL Deepavali message in Sri Lanka.
There is a legend about Lord Shiva carrying sand for ‘puttu’ (Indian/Sri Lankan Pasta) to demonstrate that the aged should not be forced by the Ruler to do manual work. As per that legend – Lord Shiva takes over the job from an old lady in return for ‘puttu’. Lord Shiva eats the puttu and goes to sleep. The king’s guards cane Him for not doing the work and the caning was felt by the very guards responsible for doing such work.
If we Tamil civilians therefore do the work of Buddhists and enlightening Sri Lankan and thereby upholding Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution – which gives foremost position status to Buddhists – and are ‘punished’ through juniors in our Community – despite such true contribution from us – then the punishment will be returned to the leaders who use Buddhism to get into power.

TNA seems to have heard the voices of some of us who have spoken against TNA fasting with the prisoners. But we Tamils also have those who indiscriminately mix status:

Ceylontoday, 2015-11-10  -
Political prisoners TNA should boycott Parliament – Prof. S.T. Sittampalam - By Mirudhula Thambiah
[Former Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK) Leader, Prof. S. T. Sittampalam said Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarians should boycott parliamentary sittings as the initial step to solve the issue of political prisoners. President should consider granting general pardon to all prisoners. "Also the Opposition Leader can consider resigning his post to support political prisoners," he said.]

One of the best outcomes for Sri Lankan Tamil Community is the position of  Leadership of Opposition in National Parliament. The next is to merge North and East through One Provincial Administration. The Administrative pathway by using the Intellect needs to be followed by our Political Leaders – so that we would feel part of the generation that upholds Education as the first priority for Tamils. Only those who renounce their past status in other fields have the authority to make Political suggestions. Others need to have invested in good governance through their respective disciplines to have a share in Good Governance status – enjoyed at least by oneself. Truth recognizes all genuine assessments.

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