Tuesday 20 October 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 20 October  2015

Natural Governance

It was good to hear further good reports about the new Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Australia – Mr. Somasundaram Skandakumar. My simple assessment shared with a Diaspora Leader was ‘He is a good guy and responds to emails’. I received also after a long time email from Yasmin Majeed – my shishya/disciple at Airlanka/Sri Lankan Airlines. This one said “I know her – Someone asked me if I knew you. I laughed and said ‘Ha that’s funny! I adore that woman’………………”.  Yasmin is not a writer ; Yasmin  is a believer. The way I receive Yasmin is as per the timing of her communications. There have been some difficulties in the projects in Vaddukoddai due to me doing it all from Zero Base. The reminder from Yasmin that I had been a good boss merged to help me remember my ‘Consolidated Sri Lankan status’.  I would not ‘show’ the past in Vaddukoddai but remind myself that I am Sri Lankan – so Vaddukoddai would be Sri Lankan.

Then my attention went to the Colombo Telegraph article ‘Transparency Needed In Dealings With The GTF’ by Rajasingham Jayadevan – with the following opening:

[ Time is up for mature debates on the exclusive dealings involving the new government of President Maithiripala Sirisena/ Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Tamil National Alliance (TNA) with the UK based Global Tamil Forum (GTF). Though wider debates and expressions of discontents are taking place in the Tamil electronic and broadcasting media, the English media is taking a blind approach of rejuvenation from such polarising engagement ]

My Spiritual Guru said that there were three ‘I’s – (1) Who others think I am (2) Who I think I am and (3) Who I really am.  (1) is a Foreigner  (2) is a Relative (3) is Family. In old age we need to have the ‘freedom’ to be with (3).  Then our Governance power would be naturally shared with our Family. The place that accommodates this is our home and it is ‘empowered’ by our Truth.  That is the heritage we share with future generations and with wider world.

In my article ‘Retirement Age’ – at http://austms.blogspot.com.au/     in relation to Professor de Silva’s claim ‘Our healthy life expectancy is 72 years while the mandatory retirement age is 60 years. At that age most Sri Lankans are still healthy enough to work,’
I have stated – [The question is whether they are mentally fit to work as per the requirements of current workplace and their homes. Some retire early and participate in homemaking activities. Others go into Service work – at temples/churches and community centers. The Sri Lankan President is 64 and continues to ‘work’. The Prime Minister who is two years his senior in age is also active in his work.  By the above statement – they are both working beyond the official retirement age for the citizens.  All politicians above 60  need to then be Governors and not  Administrators. They must engage strictly in Homemakers’ work or Service work. When they get paid – they tend to become active – and hence tend to live off their past. Likewise Academics.]

This applies to the TNA – the Leader of the Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament as well as the Sri Lankan Diaspora. When we are discussing Sri Lankan matters we need to take our positions as Governors if we are above 60.  How do we do this? My basis is as follows:

[Governors would not go up and down with visible outcomes. They would keep raising the matter until it merges with Policy through Human Minds. Human Minds get restructured through this escalation process. Those who have high mind-order would operate at this level and would enjoy retirement from paid work. They are Policy makers.]

Young TNA members are foreigners to Diaspora Groups. To the extent  they become Governors in Sri Lanka – their current natural habitat  – they would merge naturally with Diaspora Groups whose make up is different to the Sri Lankan Political groups Resident in Sri Lanka. Members of Diaspora groups need to be facilitated to stay within their own investments – so they would enjoy their retirement from active work. Restructures must give form to the Truth of all members / investors of the past. When we retire from active work – we don’t retire from life itself. We just become Governors to the extent we live within our Truth. Then we would  identify with our investment in the whole through various representations. My identification with the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Australia is through my investment in that position which was NOT blocked by the previous High Commissioner who was rejected by pro-LTTE groups. They related to that position through their own investment in the parallel – Diaspora leadership – of which the GTF is one.

Sri Lankan Diaspora groups needed to restructure in 2009 due to the military defeat of the Tamil rebellion and now in 2015 – due to the political wins of the Tamils. Military seniors need to become Governors and now Political activists must take their place to promote Democratic Administration of Diaspora Activities – including in Sri Lanka on project basis. If we do it for that part of Sri Lanka that is home to us – Mother Sri Lanka will spread it naturally to her other parts. Home is where the heart is. Once our investments are in our heart – we are Governors.

Australian Tamil partnership with Iceman Technologies, http://www.austms.org/news_and_events/Iceman_News.pdf
is confirmation of such heritages of the heart. Yasmin – my disciple of Sri Lankan Airlines became natural part of the graduation leadership – without any prior planning. Believers naturally invest in Governance. Activists often fall short due to lack of belief.

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