Friday 18 September 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 18 Sept  2015

Making it Happen

The emails came first and this was followed by a message in Hindustan Times, Beijing, through article ‘SL war crimes: Rajapaksa is left alone to take the blame’ by Sutirtho Patranobis as follows:

[But Sirisena’s seemingly liberal government knows the scars left behind by the civil war. And, Sirisena possibly realises that it is time to start the process of healing]
I identify with this through my Observations of President Sirisena – the timing and the degree of confidentiality practiced. These were possible due not so much to his cleverness which can be more than matched by Mr. Rajapaksa but due to the President’s humility in the top position. That humility is his Protective Armor. Mr. Rajapaksa on the other hand carried his Fighting weapon of Cleverness even after defeating his opposition. Lack of Humility became his suicide weapon. The risk of that happening now is more for the Tamil Community without a parallel of President Sirisena. If the two sides do not heal around the same time – we will continue to be  ‘TOLD BY TIME’. 

The email responses showed much appreciation for the ‘Lesson of Time – Karma’ message. Karma Tells us. By then it is too late to change the form of the problem or opportunity – its magnitude and its form. That is when it is sin or divine virtue and is in the field of Natural Forces as negative or positive energy. One Tamil responder quoted Chellappa Swami – Guru of Yoga Swami of Nallur in Northern Sri Lanka : ‘Eppavoh Mudintha Kaariyam – The matter finished long ago.’

Devotees of Nallur Murugan would have therefore taken their pain to Nallur Murugan and this was evidenced through the extraordinary  gathering during the recent festival – at the peak of which the UN report was delivered. This confirms to my mind that they brought about ‘closure’ which means – as ‘matter’ the problem has no value to the current generation. That’s when Natural Forces of Karma take over.   The greater the force of  such submission the stronger the return to the True owners of the forces that manifested the ‘matter’. That addresses the problem at root level and generates the forces that would be picked-up by the respective parties – for better or for worse for THAT person/party who submitted or the person/party who continued flogging the dead-matter but who may no longer be connected to the ‘other side’. Surface readers often fail to identify with these deeper invisible forces of Nature. Some recognize them as Angels and some others as Ghosts respectively.

I have had the experience of being unaffected by food cooked by some folks but my companions eating that food were seriously affected by that very same food. They themselves have pointed this out to me. This – despite me being the one with weak stomach. Those happened in places of worship where I have deep faith – with some happening in secular areas where I have invested deeply – especially in Education under very difficult circumstances. Later entrants in my life would not know those difficulties unless they have positive karma in regards to that particular issue. Sir Anthony Mason – then the Chancellor of the University of New South Wales and his successor Dr. John Yu – identified with my pain and loss and I concluded that their blessings in legal field and migrant issues respectively had been bestowed upon me.  It was difficult for me to fully appreciate this when I was still hurting due to my disappointments with the system. But the more I submitted the ‘matter’ to the Lord who came to me in the form of Swami Sathya Sai Baba – the deeper my investment in the issue until it became Energy – to match the problem at the highest level in any environment. Whenever I invoke that Energy – I identify with Opportunities in that environment.

In relation to Sri Lanka’s ethnic issue - I identify with Opportunities through the UN Report. I believe that this is due to me having submitted the pain and loss endured by me in relation to Racial Discrimination – to the Lord. Once the Lord confirmed to me that in the eyes of Truth – using the One measure – my actions were positive for the institutions – including the Government of Australia, I stopped looking to them for return. From then on I recognized the support that ‘happened’ whenever I felt the need.  I expect war-affected migrants from Sri Lanka, likewise to identify with the opportunities in Australia and other countries they migrated to as compensation already received and purify the heritage passed on to the next generation – especially the next generation would-be migrants in Sri Lanka would have a natural pathway to follow and repair the heritage from their parents. The nations that we have migrated to in turn would have healthier migrant population. Unresolved conflicts lead to mental instability through loss of self-confidence and therefore weaken the feeling of Sovereignty within ourselves.

The  Opportunity to develop a heritage is before us – the  Victims of War, by bringing about closure through the highest authority we believe in. Otherwise, to me – we were/are in it for the benefits and would not handover a strong heritage to the next generation and/or to wider world. Those who invest in heritage would naturally merge with wider world laterally and v.v.

As if to confirm this in my case, as I was writing this article – I received an email message from our NSW Premier – the Hon Mike Baird - about ‘Making It Happen’. The significance is not only about ‘making it happen’ but also the fact that Mr. Baird, as Premier of NSW is Minister for Western Sydney – which as per my assessment is an area strongly  influenced by migrants. My thoughts were immediately to seek a parallel for Sri Lanka – for example to have a Minister for Northern Province from within the Central Government – so that the feeling of ownership through the structure would make up for lack of Traditional Investment in that area by Central Government in the past. Likewise in Muslim areas as well as  Hill Country areas dominated by Estate Tamils who were previously marginalized due to Northern Tamils going into partnership with Central Government – to determine the National status  of these Tamils who until recently were known as ‘Indian Tamils’.

The UN may call for a Hybrid Court and may even be successful in delivering judgment through such court. As per feedback through the media – former Army Chief  - Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka as well as former LTTE supporters want the establishment of this  Court for their own personal/selfish reasons. They would encourage war – and unless we find other ways of quickly healing the wounds – the UN Report would be hijacked by the warriors and their descendants within the younger generation.

As for me – I would continue to invest in Civil Order – however small my projects may be. In the epic Ramayanam – a squirrel carried small stones to help Lord Rama build the bridge to Lanka where Rama’s wife Sita was held prisoner. The spirit of that little squirrel earned the loving stroke of Rama and as per the legend the Indian squirrel has its three lines on the back due to this loving stroke by Rama. The Lord does not recognize our feelings through the size of the matter and/or our visible contribution. It’s the feeling with which we do what we do that moves the Natural forces.

 I believe that this Natural Force protected me from becoming a victim of either side to this war even during the height of the war when I was physically present in Sri Lanka followed by my service to the Internally Displaced Persons including in the camps. I heard their Truth from their mouths and when I watched Channel 4 film recently my eyes went to the young Tiger girls – at least one of them seemed very familiar to me. She was scared. My heart went out to her and I said ‘sorry kunchu (darling) I could not do more to prevent you from this trauma’. Mothers of children recruited by the LTTE cried to me when they came to the local temples – often under the pretext of praying. We as a Community failed these children and their parents. We need to stay in that Truth – to have the right to question the Government for its part. Likewise, the likes of former Army Chief Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka – who ought to have known that the young soldiers within the Government army recruited without proper qualifications and commitment to the rules of war – have to share responsibility with former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his political clan. That would then be Dharmic / Righteous  and  we could use any External Verdict to strength our global structures and not take it as punishment. The forces of Nature recognize at the motive level. Whatever the motive of the UN may be – if our Motive is strong – we would be manifesting the outcomes – for better or for worse. Where those directly response for the war are crying out for International Court – the UN needs to ask itself as to why? Towards this the UN may need to go into its own Truth first and then develop appropriate laws and rules not only to inquire into such atrocities but also to prevent them from affecting future generations. In other words, the UN also needs to develop its own heritage for the next general global citizens – who are the primary responsibility of the UN – before part of member  country.

If we therefore seek to develop a heritage from this war – let’s NOT WAIT FOR TIME TO TELL US – but let us ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’  starting with our own Truth and judging ourselves first through our inner motive.  The rest will happen through our combined Truth.

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