Tuesday 6 January 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

Tamil Conscience Vote

An Australian Academic forwarded to me the article ‘Bad News for the UPFA’ by Professor Hoole, in which he states:

The TNA has decided to support the Common Candidate, Mr. Maithripala Sirisena . It is good news indeed for all of us who are excited about a common opposition to the Rajapkse family regime that is built on a return to democracy, good governance, an independent judiciary, etc.’

Excitement and Disappointment are twins separated by time. They are like Mr. Sirisena and Mr. Rajapaksa for the Political voter. They are not for the Common Tamil voter in these elections.

The Tamil vote has become a significant point of discussion in relation to the upcoming elections.  It is significant not because we can change the form of government but because we can work the Natural Powers more than custodians of human powers who have failed to deliver as per our investment in democracy.  At political level the only party that visibly includes Tamils in this Presidential elections - is the UPFA – United People’s Freedom Alliance – not only through former leader of Eastern branch of LTTE but also through EPDP – headed by Mr. Douglas Devananda. To the extent Tamils gained through Eastern Tamils’ participation in the armed struggle – Tamils as a community owe Karuna who is now part of – SLFP  which is the main Party making up UPFA. In terms of individuals therefore – Tamils in North and East are not likely to identify with the Common Opposition Candidate in these Presidential elections.  If indeed Mr. Sirisena were to win and majority Tamil votes go to Mr. Sirisena we are accepting Sinhala Only leadership at National level.  At the political level the person we vote for is taken to be ‘right’.  Hence where we do not identify personally with the individual  it is important to identify with what we are voting for. In terms of majority Tamil voters  this is difficult to know through discriminative thought process of rights and wrongs.  Such Tamils need to vote through  their conscience.  If they are genuine, they will influence the mind of the President through his conscience rather than his intellectual thinking.

Conscience, I believe is driven by our own Truth. There has been much condemnation of the Rajapaksa regime to justify promotion of votes for the Common Opposition Candidate.  To the person driven by her/his conscience – all those arguments apply equally to the LTTE. If this is true, as per the conscience of majority Tamils – then majority Tamils are disowning the LTTE.

The Vote of a citizen is cast :

1.      Through identity with the Individual – direct political path.
2.      Through identity with ‘rights’ of the side measured through common law that covers the whole area covered by the Position.
3.      Through our conscience – voting for ourselves  as per our own genuine investment in common with either side.

Not many Tamils identify with either side leading individual in the Presidential elections. That is the area covered largely by Sinhalese.

Those who have benefited from the Administration of either side – through their respective portfolios would vote for the side  that has been more right for them than the other. It must be very confusing for the intellectual Sinhalese voter as to which side Mr. Sirisena belongs in this instance – the UNP or the SLFP? – the two leading parties in National Politics. All their votes would go to Mr. Rajapaksa under whose umbrella Mr Sirisena worked. If therefore Mr. Rajapaksa wins – one could conclude that Sinhalese are consistent in their application of common measures – especially in terms of  intellectual pursuits and discoveries.

The most reliable vote of all for the self is the Conscience Vote which may or may not identify with either of the above. It is not likely to identify with either of the above for majority Tamils. But this vote is the one that would bring us deepest Peace of Mind. Minorities who have been distant from both side individuals need to ask through their own experiences – as to which side leadership’s  period has been more ‘free’ for them to operate within their earned rights in their own areas. The alternative to Mr. Rajapaksa is former President Mrs. Chandika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga with whose backing Mr. Sirisena is contesting as the Common Opposition Candidate.

The election  outcomes would also be identified with by all of us through the above three pathways. To the extent we are independent and genuine – we would ultimately integrate with each other. To the extent we ‘interfere’ to influence voters to deliver as per our desires and/or express judgments to show off our knowledge rather than share our wisdom – we would continue to stagnate close to the preliminary levels in democracy and promote various forms of dictatorships – including by foreigners.

The Conscience voter needs to stay away from suggestions as to whom to vote for – especially during the period immediately preceding elections. It is not about how accurately we predicted the outcome to impress those around us but more about how we used this period of heightened consciousness to share with each other to vote for ourselves through one path or the other. That is how we elect the government we deserve. When we are genuine and the political system is reliable – we would win government if the person we voted for wins.  If the person we voted for loses – we become the opposition and invest more in Administration to earn our Equal position. If the political system is not reliable but we are genuine – our vote will merge with Administrative voters and/or conscience voters through the system of Natural Justice – the system that never fails any investor.

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 06 January 2015

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